Commercial Finance- Hard Money

Commercial Finance- Hard Money explores the small known realm of financing property and business a / r regarding situations that banks along with other financial institutions typically avoid. The entire year 2008 is going to be noted for difficult financial occasions for big institutions, companies and people. Financing is going to be harder than ever before to acquire.

The Merriam- Webster Online Dictionary defines hard as:

“1 a: not easily permeated: not easily yielding to pressure b of cheese: incompetent at being spread: very firm

2 a: of liquor (1): getting a harsh or acidity taste (2): strongly alcoholic b: characterised by the existence of salts (by calcium or magnesium) that stops lathering with soap

3 a: of or associated with radiation of relatively high penetrating power: getting high energy b: getting or producing relatively great photo taking contrast

4 a: metallic as dissimilar to paper b: of currency: convertible into gold: stable in value c: functional as currency d: of currency: readily acceptable in worldwide trade e: being high and firm

5 a: firmly and carefully twisted b: getting an even close napless finish

6 a: in good physical shape b: resistant against stress or disease c: free from weakness or defects

7 a (1): firm definite (2): not speculative or conjectural: factual (3): important or informative instead of sensational or entertaining b: close searching c: free of sentimentality or illusion: realistic d: missing in responsiveness: obdurate unfeeling

8 a (1): hard to bear or endure (2): oppressive inequitable b (1): missing consideration, empathy, or gentleness : callous (2): incorrigible tough c (1): harsh, severe, or offensive in inclination or effect (2): exacerbated (3): strict unrelenting d: inclement e (1): intense in pressure, manner, or degree (2): demanding the effort of one’s : with endurance and stamina (3): performing or transporting up with great energy, intensity, or persistence f: most unyielding or thoroughgoing 9 a: characterised by sharp or harsh outline, rigid execution, and stiff drawing b: dramatically defined: stark c: missing in shading, delicacy, or resonance d: sounding as with arcing and other poultry correspondingly used of c and g e: an indication of toughness or insensitivity

10 a (1): hard to accomplish or resolve: difficult (2): hard to comprehend or explain b: getting difficulty in performing something c: hard to magnetize or demagnetize

11: staying at once addictive and seriously harmful to health

12: resistant against biodegradation

13: being, schooled in, or while using ways of natural sciences and particularly from the physical sciences

14: of cash: contributed (as by individuals or political action committees) directly to particular candidate or campaign

Synonyms: hard difficult arduous mean demanding great effort or effort. Hard implies the alternative of that’s easy . Difficult implies the existence of obstacles to become surmounted or puzzles to become resolved and suggests the necessity of skill, persistence, or courage . Arduous stresses the necessity of laborious and persevering effort .”